Wall Panels

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Bamboo wall panels can completely transform a room from fine to fabulous in just a few hours. And they are very reasonably priced. A pack of 12 – 24.5″ x 31.5″ tiles covers 64 square feet and costs just $199. Basically bamboo pulp is an eco-friendly material that resembles thick paper. It is not waterproof so we do not recommend using it in a bathroom or outside but they will work in pretty much any other setting. (Be sure to scroll all the way to the end for complete HOW2 Installation Instructions.)

Wall Panels Will Make Your Wall POP!

There are quite a few bamboo wall panels from which to choose. (Click here to view all the bamboo pulp options.) We highly recommend ordering a pack of 3 sample tiles before you place your order. This way you will know exactly what you are getting and can see the different designs on your wall. Consider using this opportunity to try different paint colors, too.

3D Bamboo EcoTiles Sample Pack

3D Bamboo EcoTiles Sample Pack — Choose 3 Full Size Tiles

3D Wall Panel Photo Inspiration

We love pretty much all the patterns showcased on Decorative Ceiling Tiles Bamboo Pulp Idea Library but despite our best efforts to remain neutral, we have to admit, we do play favorites. We love both of these photos showcasing Bamboo Pulp 79 so much we featured them on our Instagram (shop our instagram)

3D Wall Panels - Bamboo Pulp 79 Orange Bedroom Wall
3D Wall Panels - Bamboo Pulp 79 White Modern Stairwell

And previously we featured this beautiful foyer accented with a wall covered with Bamboo Pulp #75

3D Wall Panels Bamboo Pulp 75 in Foyer

As you can see, bamboo wall panels look great in commercial settings too! This one is Bamboo Pulp 72

3D Wall Panels Bamboo Pulp Escalator Wall

HOW2 Install 3D Wall Panels

  • Thoroughly clean the wall and remove any loose paint from the surface.
  • Fully plan the layout of the panels on the wall.
  • We highly recommend, using a level to draw the exact location of all the panels on the wall before beginning installation.
  • Apply glue on both your wall and each panel (We recommend using Instant Grab #310)
  • First install all the full panels. Install cat panels only after all the full panels are installed
  • Prime panels.
  • Use the sandable drywall compound to fill the gaps between panels and sand them smooth (use fine sandpaper – 220 and up and do not apply too much pressure on the panels when sanding)
  • Apply another coat of primer over the joints and paint the all panels .

Measuring tape
Utility knife (with new blade)
Small tray for adhesive and foam roller
Glue (Instant Grab #310)
Chalk line
Drywall compound |Putty knife
Level | Carpenter’s square
Sandpaper (number 220 and up)

Make it a beautiful day!