Replicating Tin Ceilings

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Replicating Tin Ceilings Replicating Tin Ceilings Replicating Tin Ceilings Replicating Tin Ceilings

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Replicating Tin Ceilings

The adage, “what’s old is new again” applies perfectly to the the renewed fascination with decorative ceiling tiles.  Individuals and businesses across the country are both restoring historic tin ceilings to their original splendor and replicating classic designs to create beautiful spaces that are at once warm and inviting and hip and chic. Bloggers praise tin ceilings decors even as they blast food quality and restaurant service.  From famous NYC eateries and small wine bars and pizza parlors located in trendy Manhattan districts, to Brooklyn barbershops and SOHO  fashion forward storefronts, New Yorkers are once again embracing the tin ceiling phenomena. Even Al Yeganeh, the chef behind the Original SoupMan chain and prototype for the “Soup Nazi” character on Seinfeld, ordered new tin ceilings for each of his seven Manhattan restaurants.  Not to be left out, Chicagoans are equally boastful of the stunning ceilings on display at the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant while Washingtonians brag that even smaller local establishments like New Surroundings Market right off Lincoln Park are installing gorgeous tin ceilings.  Over the years, Newport Rhode Island’s historic Newport Artillery Company has inspired hundreds of knock-offs, elevating the creation of beautiful tin ceiling designs to an art form..

Robert Simonson in his 2008 New York Sun article, “Reviving the Tin Ceiling” notes, “Metal ceilings have become so attractive to the 21st-century eye that it’s easy to forget they were once thought to be merely utilitarian … Tin ceilings are popular now for some of the same reasons they were all the rage back in the late-19th century: They’re inexpensive, attractive, and they last virtually forever.” Homeowners like the fact that the ceiling panels can make a space look much more expansive (and expensive) while seasoned business owners appreciate that the tiles hide serious ceiling flaws, are fire retardant, and can quickly achieve visual branding for their company.

There is no doubt that the commercial use of tin panels is popularizing a decorative ceiling tile resurgence. Always searching for interesting yet affordable design options, top interior designers and architects throughout the world are looking upward towards the all important fifth wall.   Replicating tin ceilings is quickly becoming the commercial and home design trend of the decade.  Although dark, rich colored tiles work great in “man caves”, home theaters, pubs, and bars, the current style is to stick with the the natural tin look or to paint the tiles white to imitate the original plaster ceilings of yesteryear.  Increasingly, however, we are noticing contemporary commercial establishments choosing funky bright colors like amethyst or honeydew to create memorable visual statements. This trend is beginning to spill over into homes of confident consumers unafraid to embrace color.

So let’s take a tour of some of the wonderful, oft replicated, tile designs of the last century currently gracing the ceilings of some of the trendiest, most stylish establishments of twenty first century.  Although based on the pictures alone we cannot match the tiles exactly, if available we will offer up “Get the Look” alternative tiles in three different price points: tin, faux tin, and polystyrene.  All products can be bought directly from our buddy Milan at Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc.  There are very few people in the industry we can truly say we trust unconditionally — Milan is one of those rare, very special people.  If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact him directly — not only is he trustworthy, he likes taking calls, and he really knows his stuff!

Tin Ceilings in Chicago

Chicago Firehouse Restaurant

The Chicago Firehouse Restaurant Original Tin Ceilings  CASA MILANO - TIN CEILING TILE - 2412

“Get the Look”

Tin Tiles:  2412 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Casa Milano.

Sorry, we do not like the faux tin or foam options for re-creating this particular look.


Tin Ceilings in New York City

Peels NYC – hip and happening in the Bowery

Pastis – eclectic & cool in Meat Packing District

Peels Restaurant Tin Ceiling

Unfortunately after way too much time spent squinting at these pictures, I give up.  I have no idea what tiles even approximate the look but here are a few tile styles I believe would look great in either of these patisseries.

“Get the Look”


Tin Tiles: 1221 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Constitution Square | 2453 Tin Ceiling Tile – 2453 | 0609 Tin Tile Dimensional Geometry

Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

150 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile   151 Antique Silver - Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles  Rhine Valley - Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles VC 02

Faux Tin: 150 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile  | 151 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile | VC 02 Faux Tin  Ceiling Tiles

Foam Ceiling Tiles

Greek Key - Styrofoam Ceiling Tile - R 21  R 02 Styrofoam Ceiling Tile  Sunflowers - Styrofoam Ceiling Tile - R136

Foam Tiles: R 21 Foam Ceiling Tile 20×20 | R 02 Foam Ceiling Tile 20×20 | R 136 Foam Ceiling Tile 20×20

Motorino Pizza East Village epitomizes the Manhattan hipster scene

Motorino Pizza's Tin Ceilings

PRINCESS VICTORIA - TIN CEILING TILE - 0604 205 Copper Faux Tin Ceiling Tile  Kensington Gardens - Styrofoam Ceiling Tile R30

“Get the Look”

Tin Tiles: 0604 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic – PRINCESS VICTORIA 

Faux Tin Tiles: 205 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Glue up 24×24

Foam Tiles: R30 Kensington Gardens Styrofoam Ceiling Tile 20×20


Seersucker – Del Mar, CA

 Seersucker tin tile accent ceilingUnion Square Tin Ceiling Tile

Tin Tiles: Union Square Tin Ceiling Tile


Design Inspiration: Replicating Classic Tin Ceilings in a Modern Kitchen

In closing, we wanted to feature a stunning home project as a perfect example of how replicating tin ceilings can take your room from plain to beautiful in just hours.  Doesn’t the design aesthetic remind you of Peels?

 Replicating Classic Tin Ceilings in a Stunning Kitchen 2418 Tin Ceiling Tile

“Get the Look”

Tin Tiles: 2418 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Old Farmhouse Favorite

Tin Cornices: EM1100 Tin Cornice or EM 702 Tin Cornice

Replicating Tin Ceilings Resources

Ultimate Guide to Architectural Ceiling Treatments

Ultimate Guide to Architectural Ceiling Treatments

Ultimate Guide to Architectural Ceiling Treatments shows homeowners how to turn unadorned ceilings into design opportunities by applying false beams, medallions, coffers, tin ceilings, and other treatments. Many older homes and a good number of modern houses have high ceilings that are usually left blank. Even standard-height ceilings have design potential. Ultimate Guide to Architectural Ceiling Treatments provides the inspiration and technical know-how to decorate these areas. Through real-life examples, homeowners will find ideas they can use thin their own homes. Detailed step-by-step photographs will show them how to complete the work with professional results.

Tin Ceiling Tile Tour of NYC

Are you a huge tin ceiling tile fan?  We would love to hear from you.  Wouldn’t it be fun to organize a group of devotees to do a tin ceiling tile tour of NYC?  I envision it much like a progressive dinner.  We could start at Peels for breakfast, get a shave, haircut or blowout  at Tony Guns as a mid morning activity, then walk back to Manhattan across the Brooklyn bridge and grab a slice of pizza at Motorino’s for lunch, run over to Mulberry’s for afternoon shopping.  Enjoy happy hour and appetizers at Gottino’s and finish up the day with dinner and dessert at Pastis.  Plus I am absolutely positive we could add a few other tin ceiling related stops throughout the day – Email us if you are interested, We may even be able to conjole a New York ceiling tile expert / art historian and Milan to join us!

Or explore NYC’s amazing ceiling architecture on your own!

Enjoy New York City with great deals from!

Top Romantic Destination: New York City.

Make it a Beautiful Day!

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