Man Cave and Man Room Wall & Ceiling Decor


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Man Cave and Man Room Wall & Ceiling Decor

Although the latest rage in man cave ceilings is the open joist option, we have to tell you, we completely disagree.  Yes, the look is industrial chic and has a “rough” appeal, but it lacks the practicality afforded by a standard plaster or drop ceiling option.  We highly recommend you consider faux tin or polystyrene ceiling tiles for your man room. They are affordable, the installation is simplified and their PVC or polystyrene material has the additional advantage of being lightweight, virtually maintenance free, with superior sound absorption. Yes, proponents of the open joist plan seem to have forgotten about the practical acoustical issues fundamental to man cave requirements. A man cave must be a place where you and your buddies can get loud, blast the tv or stereo and not worry so much about disturbing everyone else in the house.

The Perfect Man Cave

The ideal man room may very well resemble this “man cave” found on zillow with a stunning tin tile inset and yes, you too can buy the house for a mere $7 million or better yet, DIY and create your very own man cave — who really wants to maintain 24,000 square feet of perfection, anyway?

Man Cave with Tin Ceiling Tiles

QUEEN VICTORIA - TIN CEILING TILE - 1204   Caesar's Wreath - Tin Ceiling Tile - 24x24 - 2416

Ceiling Tiles: 1204 & 0604 Tiles – Victoria or  2416 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Caesar’s Wreath


Check out one of the craziest man caves ever designed and built by Tony Siragusa and Jason Cameron for one lucky fellow on the DYI Network Man Caves Show. Black Ceilings as Seen on Man Caves Episode Gangster Getaway Schoolhouse - Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - #222

And yes, they chose to use Schoolhouse – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – #222 to add even more drama to an already over the top design. Personally, we believe the ceilings really make a difference — it adds both color and dimension.

We also love the use of fabulous copper tiles in their final look on Man Caves “Rock Cave episode!

Copper Ceiing Featured in Man Caves episode Rock Cave

Use Faux Tin Tiles to Save Your Budget

My buddy Milan, over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles posted pictures of these much more achievable man caves replete with a stunning decorative ceiling detail that is both affordable and easy to install.
Ceiling Ideas for Man Caves
Ceiling Ideas for Man Caves :: Faux Tin Tiles >> Grandma’s Doilies #211 | Argonaut #DCT01 | Casa Blanca #142 | Laurel Wreath #210

Decorative Faux Leather Wall Panels

Add faux leather decorative panels to your walls to to create either a techno sophisticated look or classic old world ambiance.  Faux leather wall tiles will add even more sound absorption.

Man Cave Wall Treatments with Faux Leather Tiles

Man Cave Wall Treatments with Faux Leather Tiles

Man Cave Decor & Accessories

Even with the perfect ceiling and wall treatment, man caves need personalized man cave signs.

Man Cave Signs & Decor

Personalized Man Caves >> Decor, Gifts & Signs

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