Decorative Ceiling Tiles – Before and After Photos

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Ceiling Tile Ideas Before and After Photos Ceiling Tile Ideas Before and After Photos Ceiling Tile Ideas Before and After Photos Ceiling Tile Ideas Before and After Photos

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Decorative Ceiling Tiles – Before and After Photos  

If you need to be convinced about whether you should add decorative ceiling tiles to the top of your DIY home improvement project list, here is proof positive! You absolutely have to see these ceiling and home remodel before and after photos. It really is amazing how quickly and easily you can transform a room from fine to fabulous with decorative ceiling tiles! Make every day a beautiful day!

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All ceiling tiles supplied by Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc. Milan is by far our favorite ceiling tile merchant.  He is knowledgeable, dedicated and honest — we can’t ask for more!

Kitchen Ceiling Before & After Installing Decorative Ceiling Tiles

 Before Photos - Tennessee Kitchen Remodel Popcorn CeilingsStyrofoam Ceiling Tile Installation Over Popcorn Ceilings 

After Photos - Tennessee Kitchen Makeover Decorative Ceiling Tiles Over Popcorn Ceiling, ceiling remodel before and after photos

Love this kitchen makeover.  This Tennessee resident used Decorative Ceiling Tiles R 74 Coronado Styrofoam Ceiling Tile. to cover ceiling damage for soffit removal and her ugly popcorn ceilings.  The project took approximately 1.5 days and the new ceilings cost just $400

Before & After Installing Decorative Backsplash


Contemporary Before Photos by Other Metro Building Supplies Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc. |  Contemporary Kitchen by Other Metro Building Supplies Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc.

Before and after installing 0614 Optical Illusions BacksplashHome owner painted plain silver tin tiles with a paint and primer in Behr’s Island Aqua to give the all grey and white kitchen a pop of color and followed that with a coat of poly to protect the surface and give it a nice sheen.  The professional installation took less than three hours and the subsequent painting took an additional day with dry times between coats.

Tin Backsplash as Seen on HGTV’s Flipping The Block

Love this Before & After Photo from HGTV’s Flipping the Block.  The designers of the winning condo choose a tin backsplash!  You can see all the before and after pictures here.

Flipping The Block Winning Condo Kitchen with tin backsplash, ceiling remodel before and after photosBelow is a zoomed in shot of the backsplash with the tile we would use to replicate the look – Princess Victoria Aluminum Backsplash #0604

Tin Backsplash on HGTV Flipping The Block

Bathroom Ceiling Before and After Installing Decorative Ceiling Tiles

 Bathroom Ceiling Before Installing Decorative Ceiling Tiles    Bathroom Ceiling After Installing Decorative Ceiling Tiles, ceiling remodel before and after photos
Before  and after installing R 01 Styrofoam Ceiling Tile 20×20

Check out the difference in this bathroom’s before and after pictures courtesy of  All we can say is WOW – what a difference a little decorative tin tile backsplash and paint can make!

 Before and after decorative tin backsplash  

0604 PRINCESS VICTORIA BACKSPLASH..Queen Victoria - Tin Ceiling Tile - 1204
0604 Princess Victoria Backsplash | 
1204 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Elizabethan Shield

Bedroom Ceiling Before and After Installing Decorative Ceiling Tiles

       217 White Matte
212 Faux Tin Tile
 | R 14 Styrofoam Victorian Ceiling Tile | 217 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile  

When looking up matters,  do you prefer…

(Think beauty salon, dentist, massage therapist, and doctor’s offices)

A water-stained ceiling tile in commercial building or Ceiling Tile Ideas - Beauty Salon

I must be obsessed because after a recent visit to The Dry Bar in San Diego,  all I could think about was that decorative ceiling tiles really do make a difference.    By using the 24 x 24 224 Drop in Decorative Ceiling Tiles and the 130 Plain Molding, replacing the entire ceiling in your hair washing station and installing the crown molding should take only a few hours and a few hundred dollars. If your budget permits, we would also recommend changing out the fluorescent light bulbs with canned lights and dropping down a Landon Sphere or Chandelier for a splash of color! If you have black wash basins, consider creating a black and white look! There are even glossy black and white drop in decorative ceiling tiles available.

Think Hotel Ceilings!

YUK, YUK, and YUK!

Photos of Dauncey's Hotel, Weston super Mare

This photo of Dauncey’s Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of Millennium Hotel Cincinnati, Cincinnati

This photo of Millennium Hotel Cincinnati is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of Kimberley Hotel, Hong Kong

This photo of Kimberley Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Cotacachi Hotel Suite, ceiling remodel before and after photos

This photo of Elliott Street Hotel Auckland is courtesy of TripAdvisor | This photo of Cotacachi Hotel Suite is courtesy of Gary A. Scott


  Edgerton Square - Tin Ceiling Tile - 2401
2406 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Queen Anne Lace
 | R 28 Styrofoam Ceiling Tile |  2433 Tin Ceiling Tile – Trafalgar Square | 2401 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Edgerton Square

Think Restaurant Ceilings!

 How Much Room Do I Need for a Suspended Ceiling?thumbnail  vs  Image is showing and old fashioned metal ceiling tiles with ceiling medalions, heavy looking chandeliers and cornices.

 Edgerton Square - Tin Ceiling Tile - 2401   Compass Rose - Tin Ceiling Tile - 2453

2401 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Edgerton Square | 2453 Tin Ceiling Tile – 2453

  Disgusting Restaurant Ceiling   vs  R30 Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

I am not even going to indicate the name and location of this restaurant — who would ever want to eat there with these disgustingly dirty and stained ceilings!  Yuck.  All the owner needs to do is glue a simple white Styrofoam ceiling tile to his current tiles, paint the ceiling frame, and voila – the room will, if not be entirely transformed, at least feel fresher and cleaner. 

  • All we can say is WOW!

No before photo but a stunning after picture using Faux Leather Tiles!


  • We love this “Man Cave” happened upon on Zillow.  Yes, you can buy the house for a mere $7 million or DIY and create you very own man cave — who really wants to maintain 24,000 square feet of perfection, anyway?  Just add a faux tin ceiling accentuated with ample molding, maybe faux leather decorative wall panels ( how cool would that be), a huge tv (obviously) and sound system, and maybe a pool table or ping pong table if you have the room.  For furniture, a black or brown leather/ suede recliner is a must with coordinating leather or suede couches.Man Cave with Tin Ceiling Tiles, before and after photos

Get the look:

 Man Cave Ceiling Tiles   Man Cave Ceiling Tiles  

Tin Ceiling Tiles | Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles | Black & Silver Painted Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

Make it a Beautiful Day!

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