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Decorative Ceiling Tile Ideas

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Decorative Ceiling Tile Ideas

We admit it — we are officially obsessed with with decorative ceiling tiles. We love the designs, the colors, the finishes, the textures, their versatility, the way the natural play of light and shadow reflect off the metal, and mostly that they can transform a room from plain to beautiful in just hours.

So please humor us as we go on and on and tell you more than you ever wanted to know about decorative ceiling tiles.

Why Use Decorative Ceiling Tiles?

Why settle for dull, plain, or ugly popcorn ceilings when there is a large selection of beautiful, affordable, and easy to install decorative ceiling tile options available for quick delivery and installation wherever you live including the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

With a many designs and styles to choose from, ceiling tiles can transform your home from plain to beautiful in just hours. Plus, these stunning decorative squares can now be enjoyed without looking up. Use ceiling tiles on your walls, as kitchen and bathroom back plashes, as photography backdrops, and even on your tables as you entertain friends and family.

What are Decorative Ceiling Tiles?

Decorative ceiling tiles are available in Tin, Solid Copper, Aluminum, Faux Tin, and Foam Ceiling Tile (Styrofoam / Polystyrene) options. Once you choose which product suits your project and budget, you can then shop for a style and finish that fits the look you want to achieve.

In addition to individual ceiling tiles, many installations also include filler and molded fillers or cornices. Most often fillers are used as a border around the room much like a framing mat is used when framing a picture however fillers can also be used as an integral part of the design element. Using a filler can cut down the project costs by allowing you to buy fewer expensive tiles yet still achieve the wow factor. Add molded fillers to your design for extra elegance and to frame your space.

Where to Use Decorative Ceiling Tiles


Photos courtesy of

Decorative ceiling tiles can be installed on both standard ceilings and drop ceilings. They also make great back splashes, fireplace surrounds, stove hood adornment, photography backdrops, picture and mirror frames, wainscoting, and bar fronts.

 Delicate Daisies - Tin Ceiling Tile - #0607 Tuscan Glory - Tin Ceiling Tile - 24x24 - 2438 Lincoln Square - Tin Ceiling Tile - #1211

The specialty tiles pictured below can be painted any color and would look especially cute in child’s room, bathroom, kitchen or in any room you would like to add an element of fun or whimsy. They would also look great framed and hung as wall decor or used for headboard that coordinates with your child’s bedding!

Toy Train - Tin Ceiling Tile - 24x24 - #2480 Island Oasis - Tin Ceiling Tile - 24x24 - #2481 Delightful Dolphins - Tin Ceiling Tile - 24x24 - #2486 Mans Best Friend - Tin Ceiling Tile - 24x24 - #2427 Butterfly Needlepoint - Tin Ceiling Tile - #2410


We love this idea of using tin ceiling tiles to create a magnet board island as the centerpiece of your kitchen. Consider using 0607 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic – DELICATE DAISIES, 2425 Tin Ceiling Tile – Moroccan Magic, or 2404 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Floating Geometry for a simpler, more geometric look. Caveat: Only the Tin Plated Steel tiles will work for this application. Simply prime and paint the tiles to match your decor!

The Twice Remembered Cottage traditional kitchen The Twice Remembered Cottage traditional kitchen Delicate Daisies - Aluminum Backsplash Tile - #0607

traditional kitchen design

Creative Uses for Decorative Ceiling Tiles

  • recommends using the hammered filler to create stunning placemats and table runners. If you buy the 12″ x 12′ roll simply cut the roll into 12″ x12″ squares or 12″ x 18″ rectangles. Each placemat will cost you under $3.00 for the milled roll and under $6.00 each for both the brass and copper rolls. (Be sure to cut the rolls using a straight edge guide like a metal ruler or a t-square.) If you choose the hammered squares, each square can be cut in quarters plus the squares are available in multiple finishes with the cost per placemat dependent on which finish you choose. If you have any scrap metal available consider creating matching napkin rings!

Rolled Hammered Ceiling Tile Filler


Ceiling Tile Wall Art

Create ceiling tile framed art work and mirrors easily and inexpensively.

Check our our newest page with lots of creative ideas and inspiration: Tin Ceiling Tile Frames, Mirrors, Bulletin Boards & Home Decor Accessories

Using a box-cutter knife simply cut out the 4 middle tiles and glue an 8×8 mirror or photo or piece of art/poster to back of tile. Hang on wall.

 153 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile  118 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

You can even use tin ceiling tiles to fabricate an entire art wall!

Mirror Wall Art 2404 Classic Floating Geometry Tin Wall Panel

To create this look check out: Decorative Wall Panels

Use 2404 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Floating Geometry

Remember when re-creating this wall art, one panel can be used for 4 pieces. Since the panel is 24″ x 24″, you can make each strip 20″ x 4″ – keeping your costs super low. Also, consider rounding the corners. We think a corner rounder tool should do the trick, at the very least to score the tin so you can cut it with a scissors or knife.

More Photos of Ceiling Tiles as Wall Art!

Tin tiles as wall art
Tile wall art photos courtesy of:

Compass Rose - Tin Ceiling Tile - 24x24 - 2453  Antique Snowflake - Tin Ceiling Tile - 24x24- 1218

Decorative Ceiling Tile Headboards

The shine of this tin ceiling tile gives the entire room the bit of sparkle needed when the bed is dressed in classic white linen.

tin tile headboard

PRINCESS VICTORIA - TIN CEILING TILE - #0604  Grandma's Quilt - Tin Ceiling Tile - #0610

photo courtesy of

To recreate this look consider using 0610 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic – GRANDMA’S QUILT, or 0604 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic – PRINCESS VICTORIA

And this headboard — well it is both stunning and unique and can be created with any style decorative ceiling tile, including tin tiles,  foam or faux leather ceiling tiles

Ceiling Tile Headboards

Or try to replicate the look by using one of these tin ceiling tiles. Choose a crackled white or crackled ivory finish or paint it yourself to match the rest of the headboard, exactly.

2414 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Al Fresco 2416 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Caesar’s Wreath  2409 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic English Garden

New! Check out our new pages devoted to DIY Headboards and Ceiling Tile Headboards

Tin Tile Bed

Genuine tin tile beds are no where to be found today but we did come across this fabulous headboard, a true standout piece, destined to be a favorite piece for years to come. This Kelly Clarkson Home headboard boasts six square, intricately carved panels adorned with delicate floral detailing reminiscent of charming vintage ceiling tiles. Enclosed by a substantial, elegantly molded frame, this headboard will offer a timeless touch to your bedroom. Crafted from the finest solid wood, it exudes a rustic charm with its weathered gray finish, evoking the essence of a French countryside aesthetic. So versatile, it will seamlessly complement any bed frame, including an adjustable bed. 

Alternatively, as we said previously, DIY! There are some stunning tin ceiling tiles available. Choose between true vintage tiles or buy them new for a greater choice of styles and colors!

Interested in replicating the bed frame pattern on your ceiling or making coordinating picture frames, or planters, bulletin boards, trash cans, or just about anything else you can imagine?

148 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Glue up 24×24 – Black 1204 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Elizabethan Shield1204 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Elizabethan Shield WROUGHT IRON - FAUX TIN CEILING TILE - GLUE UP - 24"X24" - #205 148 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Glue up 24×24 – Black ..

Faux Leather Ceiling Tiles

New and Fabulous!

These new faux leather ceiling tiles perfectly resemble real leather and are absolutely stunning. Their soundproofing qualities make them ideal for use in a venue that has a tendency to get too loud since they will help absorb the sound.

Party Idea Pros can envision using these tiles regularly to build set backdrops that create the feel of a pub, movie theater, “man cave”, library, or even an out of this world look. Also think walls, headboards and photography backgrounds. We love, love, love these ceiling tiles!!!!

Faux Leather Ceiling Tiles Faux Leather Ceiling Tiles Faux Leather Ceiling Tiles Faux Leather Ceiling Tiles

We just realized faux leather ceiling tiles would also make an extremely cost effective alternative to a leather headboard. Plus, for use in a bedroom they have the distinct advantage of helping to absorb/muffle sound! The pictures below are meant only to inspire you — although none have actually been created from faux leather ceiling tiles (the first headboard is made from polystyrene ceiling tiles), all can easily be duplicated using leather look-alike ceiling panels — and in just hours you can completely transform your bedroom!

leather headboard white leather headboard

faux leather headboard leather headboard leather headboard

Photos courtesy of,,,, and

LRT 02 vintage gold faux leather tile  Faux Leather Ceiling Tiles  Faux Leather Ceiling Tiles

DIY Ceiling Tile Home Decor

Using a tin ceiling tile as inspiration, This Old House senior technical editor Mark Powers created a planter box to hold a tabletop tree. See a step-by-step on How to Build an Embossed Metal Planter similar to the one here. Choose from any of the tin tiles or faux tin tiles available through

ceiling tile planter box Queen Victoria - Tin Ceiling Tile - #1204tin ceiling tile planter box DELICATE DAISIES - TIN CEILING TILE - #0607

Photos Courtesy of

Check out these ceiling tiles recycled & re-purposed into lamp bases

Tin Ceiling Tile Lamp Base DELICATE DAISIES - TIN CEILING TILE - #0607


Recycle old garage sale tables, cabinets, hutches, and just about any other pieces of furniture by replacing surfaces with decorative ceiling tiles.

tin ceiling tile table tin ceiling tile tableCabinet with Decorative Tin Tile Inset

photo courtesy of and | Cabinet photos courtesy of

2421 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Elizabethan Shield 2447 Tin Ceiling Tile – ROBINSON’S OCTAGONAL MEDLEY 2452 Large Snowflake Tin Ceiling Tile 2491 Tin Ceiling Tile – Creeping Ivy

Ceiling Tiles as Convention and Special Event Decor

Use decorative tin or faux tin ceiling tiles to create an intimate space in large party venues such as conventions, weddings, quinceaneras, bar and bat mitzvahs, and sweet sixteen celebrations. Remember the tiles can be painted to match your party decor.

Use ceiling tiles to create an intimate space at your next event

photo courtesy of

Ceiling Tiles as Photography Backdrops

Use decorative ceiling tiles to create interesting photography backdrops and outdoor wedding photography backdrops

Photography Backdrops Photography Backdrops Photography Backdrops Photography Backdrops

Wedding Photography Backdrop

Roses with tin ceiling tile backdrop    2408 Tin Ceiling Tile - Classic Baroque

Decorative Ceiling Tile Chargers Make Unique Wedding Place Settings!

Decorative Tin Ceiling Tile Chargers
(Photo courtesy of @amorology)

Use Decorative Ceiling Tiles to Create Magnetic Seating Charts & Escort Card Boards  

Even West Elm has joined the ceiling tile movement and styled a section of their showroom with a mosaic of decorative ceiling tiles.

Tin Tile Wall Panels at West Elm

Tin Ceiling Tile Installation at West Elm in San Diego

To create the look simply order the Savannah Square Aluminum Tile #2402 and either Lincoln Square Tile 1211 or even Madison Square Tile 1201. We are not sure what color to recommend to replicate the look – we would probably DIY or if you are as inept and un-handy as we are, you can always ask Milan, at, to create a custom pearlized color for you.

Keep checking back as we continue to discover unique and festive alternative uses for decorative ceiling tiles.

How to Install Ceiling Tiles

And finally, be sure to check out our HOW2 guide to Decorative Ceiling Tile Installation

HOW2 Install Ceiling Tiles

Make it a Beautiful Day!

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