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The 3 Best Ceiling Decorating Trends

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Prevailing trends in both residential and commercial ceiling design indicate a renewed fascination with what is often referred to as the “fifth wall.” Leading interior designers around the world are recognizing ceilings as an underutilized surface with enormous potential. Typically painted white with very little consideration, a thoughtfully designed ceiling can significantly alter the room’s ambiance and immediately transform a room from fine to fabulous with relatively little expense. We have been harping on this fact for years. And are thrilled that designers are finally catching on!

Whenever we showcase a space we find that the those that have taken the time to consider their ceilings really stand out! Today’s designers are choosing from subtle tonal color schemes to the incorporation of exposed beams, here are the best of the best ceiling trends designers are currently embracing

Ceiling Tiles

Beautiful ceiling tiles never go out of style. Yes, not every space can handle a colorful extremely ornate tile but most spaces can handle a classic simple tie panted to match the color of your walls, or even one shade lighter or darker. Keep it simple and elegant and we promise, you will never tire of them.

One of the best examples of using ceiling tiles to enhance a room is Joanna Gaines’ gorgeous tin tile library ceiling. We are obsessed.

Get the Look!

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One more thought before we move on to our next favorite ceiling decorating idea. If you are not so into these gorgeous greens and generally prefer softer blues (that’s you, Mike), consider painting the room (and the ceiling tiles) an always beautiful and classic blue. But before you jump full in on any color, we highly recommend “splurging” by adding a few Samplize paint samples to your budget. Seriously, for just $5.95/sample you can get a real paint sample, without the mess, delivered overnight right to your front door. Then simply peel & stick the paint samples to your wall so you can see exactly how the paint will look in different rooms and in different lighting without marking up your walls. Remember just because the featured green looks stunning in Joanna Gaines’ Library, it will likely look completely different in your house with your floors, lighting, and even ceiling height!

Exposed Wood Beams

Exposed wood beams are another classically elegant way to enhance any room with relatively high ceilings. Traditionally, exposed wood beams, in warm and deep contrasting colors, have been associated with the modern farmhouse aesthetic. However, a fresh take on this classic element involves keeping the beams light in color to achieve texture and dimension yet keep the space feeling light an open. Both looks are gorgeous! Our one recommendation would be to not overdue the beams. More is not always better.

And it might surprise you that more often than not, those fabulous wood beams are not actually wood. In order to achieve the same look for less, many designers use Volterra’s faux wood ceiling beams. Cast from natural wood beams with surface textures and wood-grain detail, Volterra’s faux wood ceiling beams perfectly duplicate natural wood. Made from high-density polyurethane foam (HDF), faux wood beams are easy and inexpensive to install, virtually maintenance free and can be used for interior or exterior applications. However, if they need beams delivered quickly, faux wood Monolithic beams generally can be delivered in 5-7 days.

Choosing the Color & Texture for your Faux Wood Beam.

We highly recommend purchasing a color sample and texture sample before placing your final order. Additionally,  always feel free to email  Milan at Decorative Ceiling Tiles at for his recommendations, too. He really does know this stuff!

Next order a sample. We promise, it is worth the extra effort to make sure you like your choice. Computr images are great, but in home, in person viewing is always better!

Wood Ceiling Planks

Why limit beadboard to your walls? We love the look of wood on the ceilings. Not only does it add dimension, the use of wood on the ceiling adds a subtle yet textured touch, bestowing a sense of timeless charm and a connection to nature.

Below are just a few of our favorite beadboard ceilings we found on instagram.

Stunning Beadboard and Wood Plank Ceilings
Stunning Beadboard and Wood Plank Ceilings >> a3architects | the.old.barn | memehillstudio | oho_interiors | allisongambadesign | mccoymillwork

So now the big question is how to achieve the look without breaking your budget. Again, we turn to our friend Milan at Decorative Ceiling Tiles for his expert advice. Milan stays on top of home decorating trends and has gone all in on both 39″ x 6″ foam wood ceiling planks and on 20′ x 20′ Foam Beadboard Ceiling Panels. Both styles are available in multiple colors and can be custom painted.

Beadboard Ceiling Panels
Beadboard Ceiling Panels (shown in select colors)

Decorative Ceiling Molding

We cannot resist adding one more way to add interest and dimension to your ceilings. It is probably the most economical and simplest DIY project of all the options. Just add decorative wall panel ceiling molding in any pattern of your choosing. Of course, the more intricate, the more difficult the application. And truthfully, sometimes all you need is a decorative ceiling medallion and your ceiling looks sophisticated and finished.

Wall molding can be installed with nails or glue. The installation process is relatively easy and straightforward if you have basic carpentry skills. You’ll just need to measure your pieces, cut them and miter the corners, glue or nail them into place, and then spackle and sand the joints. Add paint if necessary, and you’re finished.

Or make it really easy on yourself and simply order a millwork kit.

Ceiling Millwork Kit
Millwork Kit

Make it a Beautiful Day!

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